How to Entice Your Audience into Reading Your Posts

I made a great discovery today! I found out how to pique my readers' interest in my post and make them click for MORE 🙂 Have you ever noticed this button  right here on the 'Kitchen Sink' ? It inserts a separator - that looks something like this -  Here is what you do -… Continue reading How to Entice Your Audience into Reading Your Posts

An Award for li’l old ME

Hello Everyone I have awesome news to share. I have been given my very first award - The Versatile Blogger Award - by none other than Melissa at Play101. She is an extremely talented blogger who blogs about her family and life. Do check out her blog here. And as blogging awards go, this too… Continue reading An Award for li’l old ME

The Day I found what ‘P-U-C-E’ meant

Till date, while reading books or mags, 'Puce' immediately conjured in my mind an image of a sickly shade of green. The word 'p-u-c-e' always reminded me of being sick and throwing up. Though for the life of me, I can't figure our how I got such an word association in my mind (maybe from… Continue reading The Day I found what ‘P-U-C-E’ meant