Author: Sally Thorne

MM Rating:

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Here is a book that gives a new twist to the phrase ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’ – just that, it is the sheep that tries to pose for a wolf.

Darcy Barrett is one tough cookie (or so she thinks) – a travel-junkie moonlighting as a wedding photographer and bartender. Terrific combo, right? To top it off, she also has a heart condition. So an overall star in every fricking way!!

I was not being a biased a** when I mentioned her heart condition – but as a reader, you expect some sort of explanation or details, wouldn’t you? I merely had the same expectations!

The story starts off with her bartending and fending off hooligans, showing what a punk she is, and her belief in how she can take care of herself. She has a twin brother – Jamie –  who is accomplished in every way and her polar opposite. She hates her brother’s guts, and also isn’t overly fond of her parents either.

The only person she is even remotely attached to is the twins’ childhood friend – Tom Valeska – who in her view is the perfect example of the male species 🤢. And her dead grandmother who has left her a house and loads of advice.

The story quickly progresses to Darcy being reduced to a mushy mess of love and infatuation when she lays eyes on him once again and he has returned (probably from the wilds of Amazon for all I care) to re-do her dead grandmother’s house – who was a tarot card reader , and wants the house to be even divided between the twins, because – get this – that’s how you give things to twins 🤮! Sheeeesh, how much more unbelievable can a story get?!! And whatever happened to treating each one as an individual??

It may have been fabulous read (not that I have much hopes given the author’s sense of story-telling 😒) if the author attempted to explore more of the relationship between Darcy, Jamie, her parents – or even told us something more about why she got the way she is.

Instead, this is nothing more than a B-rated romance novel that makes me want to throw it across the room, preferably when the author and publisher are at arm’s length 🙄.