Snore Snore zzzzzzzz

Snoring can be a real pain in the ear in married life.

I am lying in bed at around 11 pm, dreaming of all things nice and bubbly, and all of a sudden, the sound of an elephant trumpet boxes my ears.

I cover my ears and dive for cover, thinking it might be an approaching mob of rogue elephants….and suddenly I snap out of it and realise – “Hey! That’s my dear hubby snoring away.”

Great! Now that I am up, I can’t get back to snoozeland without perfect silence. So, I keep turning around in bed for awhile, hoping he’d get the hint and stop (or atleast reduce) his snores. But nope, that doesn’t work.

I decide to see how I can silence the snores. I think of clipping a clothespin to his nose. Nah….too painful. Might be better to close his nose. I try that and…..magic! For 15 whole seconds all noise drops and there is perfect silence. And after the allotted time is up, the ruckus starts up again.

I guess the only thing to do now would be to stuff my ears with cotton, or just leave the room altogether if I am to get any decent sleep. And being a decent Indian wife, I am not supposed to even think of the second option (a.k.a leaving the room). And now I decide to toss for it – Heads: Plug my ears with cotton, Tails:  I leave the room. And I toss………………..

10 Drahmes coin, 1986

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The coin falls right into my hubby’s face and what all my exertions couldn’t accomplish, was achieved by a mere coin. Just as the coin hit Ground Zero, I dove back into the covers, pretending deep sleep.  My hubby was up with a start and looked around with a bewildered gaze. All he had to accuse was a coin on his face 🙂 and an innocent me sleeping like an angel beside him.

Anyway, that did it. He didn’t snore anymore that night and I got my beauty sleep after all.


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